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Post-Grad Updates: Life Be Lifin’

I’ve been a deadbeat mom to the site recently, but for good reason. I was figuring life out as a recent grad and whatnot. It’s been a whirlwind of transition and excitement into like…adulthood.

I literally don’t know where to start, so I’ll share some highlights and updates.

Graduation BRUH!

I waltzed that stage in my dope Huarache’s! (heels were in my seat)

I graduated with my B.S. in Political Communication on May 6th and moved back to Louisville from Missouri. *Thank God* (Note to readers: leave Springfield, MO. alone!)

Everyone always asks, “what are you gonna do with that?” So here it is folks. *drum roll please* I’m taking a gap year, then I’m headed to law school to study International Law with a concentration in Human Rights.

I don’t talk about it often, but I have my eyes set on changing the world LOL Alright, jk…in all seriousness, I have a deep sense of calling to the victims of trafficking specifically in the aspect of legislation and proper enforcement.

The first step to changing the world is studying for the LSAT, so that’s pretty much all I do.

Adulting Updates

I returned home to an awesome internship with my councilwoman at City Hall. My councilwoman ran for office in 2016 after retiring from the private sector. I closely followed her campaign and finessed a meeting with her through a mutual acquaintance.

My first face-to-face meeting with the councilwoman last summer was the spark of an amazing mentorship. The councilwoman went on to win her campaign by a landslide and offered me an internship during her first official day in office. #FavorAintFair

This was taken at City Hall during the inauguration of elected officials in 2017. I was looking mad-regal.

Two weeks later I started a service term as an AmeriCorps VISTA alongside my internship. My AmeriCorps service term is already halfway over, but I am nowhere near ready for it to end.

As an AmeriCorps VISTA, I have the amazing opportunity to be with an organization called New Directions Housing Corporation that serves marginalized communities through affordable housing, home-ownership preservation, childhood education, and personal development.

I’ve done everything from repair homes, co-writing grants, attend Council-member community meetings, and coordinated volunteers.

I’ve been outchea serving local homeowners with repairs on their houses! (A small portion of what I do)

The people that I get to serve through AmeriCorps and my internship are life-altering. I’m certainly not ballin’ in stacks (yet). But I’m living in purpose and that transcends possessions.

Grand Takeways

While preparing for this post, I saw a live video of Angela Rye (one of my faves) giving a speech. In it, she said something that stood out to me:

“You’re woke and I’m so glad you are. But while you’re being aware, and while you’re being conscious, and while you’re being woke, what are you doing?” -Angela Rye

I share all of this with you all to show that no matter how much we talk about politics or learn about government, service to our local communities is where change begins.

You want to see the federal government changed? Start in your neighborhood and with your local officials. Being woke is not enough. Being conscious is not enough. We must put in the work to see real social change.

So long-story short: I been werkin’ and enjoying every second of it.

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