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Finding My Place in Social Justice

“Sometimes justice is found in your own backyard” -A Random Billboard

This summer, I started a personal journey to delve into my community and find ways to get active for justice. Let me tell y’all…it’s been quite a lot of journeying.

However, there is no journey without learning. I’ve been doing a lot of learning lately.

I’ve attended community meetings – sometimes averaging 3 per week. I’ve shaken a lot of hands and networked. And I’ve found a bajillion places where there are people fighting for justice in some form.

A meeting series with Mayor Greg Fischer —
“Community Conversations”

The hard part isn’t finding places of involvement. Where to be involved, is the hard part.

Where I Fit in Social Justice Circles

I went to a few meetings hosted by my Mayor, Greg Fischer. In those meetings, Fischer laid out a plan titled Be The One that outlined ways for community leaders to step out and impact the progress of our community.

“The question I want everyone to ask is ‘how can I help?’ and the answer to be the one. Don’t let people tell you programs [of empowerment] don’t work. Impossible is not a fact, it is an opinion.” -Mayor Greg Fischer, Louisville, Ky.

Being the One, for me, looks like joining Kentuckians for the Commonwealth statewide social justice organization. I’m excitedly the newest member of the Jefferson County Participatory Budget Committee.


The back-side of myself at the KFTC participatory budget planning retreat

That sounds super posh, but it just means that we bring people in our community together in efforts to align the needs of the community with the local government’s annual budget.

This type of work is important because the fiscal year budgets often ignore some of the most vulnerable people in our communities. It’s dope!

Now What?

Now we get to work!

I’ll be honest, I will definitely attend more meetings in my community and continue to meet more leaders in my community.

And I highly encourage you to do the same. But bear in mind, meetings are all talk. Don’t confuse talking about action for actually being proactive.

After you talk about solutions and after you network with like-minded peers, be ready to get to work.

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