About Me

What was I saying? …Idk

I’m D., a 22 year old over-opinionated millennial, writer, clap-back aficionado, and bad & bougie thinker.

I studied political communication, so I basically talked about politics for four years in a classroom.

It was enlightening, but sometimes I couldn’t be my full sophisti-ratchet-self. So I created the Motherboard of Politics Unplugged to do that. 

While a college student, I picked up the pen and began writing on my campus newspaper where I was the first black editor-in-chief (shoutout to ya girl for holdin’ it down).

Yes, that’s me cackling while working as Editor-in-Chief (circa: sophomore year)

Beyond that, I also did a ton of writing for the Public Relations Office of the University I attended.

Writing is intricately a part of me, but I spend most days back-talking the bold and ignorant on twitter

My passions are strategic thinking, music (of all types — trap, jazz, classical, gospel, African, bachata), dope kicks, and slick edges! 

Enough about me and on to what you came here for: my sophisti-ratchet musings of politics, government, and pop-culture.

I’m sure you’ve noticed how uppity political writing can be (especially on the news).

It gets hard to understand, let alone be involved in. So welcome to the Motherboard, Politics Unplugged, where I keep current events real, simple, and upfront.

Sometimes I can be ratchet, and other times hella sophisticated. Either way, it’s dope and informed!